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A Little French

Writer and director Jason Headley created a series of short films about two guys conversing at the loneliest bar in the world. “A Little French” shows the limits of language when one person is playing by a different set of rules.


'A Little French' is a short film in the “At The Bar” series written and directed by Jason Headley. It’s an absurd look at the limitations of learning a language. Especially when someone wants to skip right part the all-important “learning” part.

“I had a French friend when I was new in San Francisco. Sometimes, when I had a few drinks in me, I would actually do this. I would speak ‘fake French’ to him and ask him if I’d managed to say any actual French words. He, very appropriately, looked at me like I was an idiot. But I always thought it was a ridiculously funny idea.” 

"We shot this one a little later in the run. Our third shoot, I think. Somewhere around here, or ‘A One And A Two,’ we really started getting the hang of it. I became a lot less self-conscious about my ‘acting.’ It just became a very safe, fun atmosphere.”

“I actually wrote out the faux-French phrases and learned them phonetically, so I wouldn’t repeat the same jibber-jabber over and over again. And so it would work in the edit. It was a lot of fun when I would forget a ‘line’ and Mike Primmer, our sound guy, would sound out this ridiculous nonsense to prompt me.” 



Writer/Director/Actor Jason Headley
Actor Scott McCabe
DOP Steve Condiotti
Editorial Tim Fender
Sound Mike Primmer
Sound Mix Joaby Deal
Title Design Elina Frumerman

Artist: Jason Headley

Jason Headley Jason talks about his journey from playing in a rock band to learning to direct on a dime!

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